OCEANWAY Yacht, founded in 2013, is a comprehensive yacht service provider in China's yacht industry, with platforms such as magazine, new media and yacht mall, as well as the most complete domestic yacht port database and yacht ownership database. OCEANWAY Yacht has been adhering to the principle of independence, impartiality, objectivity and professionalism, constantly growing and innovating, and committed to build the most influential and credible media platform and comprehensive yacht trading platform in China's yacht industry.


                              OCEANWAY Yacht adheres to the independent and professional attitude, wants for the users, the dissemination of correct yacht values, the original articles are also loved and recognized by the industry and outside, now, OCEANWAY Yacht original WeChat articles have a certain appeal and influence. In 2016, OCEANWAY  Yacht Mall built an O2O yacht trading and service platform integrating sailing training, yacht leasing, sailing supplies, new boats and second-hand boats. It is the first yacht trading platform with the most complete categories in China.


                              Since 2014, OCEANWAY Yacht has conducted statistical surveys on yacht ports and yacht data, analyzed and predicted the data, and formed the only market report in China's yacht market. OCEANWAY China Yacht Market Report 2015 and OCEANWAY China Yacht Market Report 2017 have been released successively. OCEANWAY Yacht has the most complete database of yacht club exclusive, and according to the database for yacht club, brand owners, manufacturers to provide professional and accurate market research consulting report. From 2019, OCEANWAY will provide professional customized yacht market analysis reports and pre-project feasibility reports for marina, brand owners, agents, etc.